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"Pierrot's Face." Literary Matters. 

"In a Port City" and "Sunday Tea." American Chordata.

Flies.” The Yale Review. 

“Diary: Six Days in October.” American Poetry Review.

Twitter Break: I Watch a Movie,” “Careless,” and “Daydreaming of Chris Hemsworth.” The Offing.

Cachet & Compassion.” Image: A Journal of Arts and Religion.

“Amadeo, Which Means Beloved of God.” Plume Anthology 9.

"Ash and Dust." Literary Matters.

"Miracle Play." Australian Book Review. 

"The Birthday Interviews." Academy of American Poets Poem-A-Day. 

“The Groom Stripped Bare by His Bachelors.” What Tells You Ripeness: Black Poets on Nature. 

“Proverb” and “Black Dandy.” The Rumpus. 

“Blue Core.” fourteen poems. 
“Black Docent” and “Scapegoat.” Pleiades.


Black Bile,” “The Higher Things,” and “A Top Won’t Save You But Neither Will Prayer.” Mumber Mag.

“Sadness Isn’t the Only Muse.” Blood Orange Review.
“Object Label” and “Last Love Song for Drake.” Bear Review.

"Knight of Cups." Fantastic Floridas.
"In the Decadence of Silence." The Adroit Journal.

“Men Call a Boy Like Me Sweet—” and “Days of 2014.” Reprint in Cosmonauts Avenue Anthology. Editor Bükem 

Reitmayer. Cosmonauts Avenue.

“Letter to Brandon” and “Poem for Julián.” ​Hobart. 


"The Beginning of Happiness." Shade Journal.

“Birth Chart” and “The Marina.” Nat. Brut. 

“My Education.” The Shallow Ends.

“Tenderness.” The Nation.

“Is This or Is This True as Happiness.” Tin House.

"Dear & Decorations." New England Review. 

“Remembering God after Three Years of Depression” and “The Devil’s Book.” Southeast Review.


"The Witching Hour." BOOAT. 

“Lilting,” “Epithalamium,” “Let Them Be Not What They Were Made For,” and “Little Epic.” The Cortland Review.

“Age of Discovery,” “The Offing,” and “Late Summer.” Puerto del Sol.

“January 2017,” “Hotline Bling (Voicemail),” and “Thinking of Romanticism, Thinking of Drake.” Cherry Tree

“Son Jarocho.” The Adroit Journal.

“Exegesis as Self-Elegy.” Gulf Coast. 


“ ‘And Also with You’, ” and “Silver Millennium.” Foundry. 

“Cumberland Island” and “Paolo Uccello’s Birds.” wildness. 

“Riding into Triumph” and “Letter to Cody on Walpurgisnacht.” HEArt Online. 

“Drake,” “The Ray,” and “Spring for Lazarus.” Twelfth House. 

“Sweet Talk.” Southern Humanities Review. 


 “Altar,” “Emerald Coast,” and “Florida Eclogues.” Foglifter.

“Self-Portrait as Elizabeth Taylor on the Set of Suddenly, Last Summer” and “Monet's Débâcle.” Spoon River Poetry Review. 

The Lost Woods as Elegy for Black Childhood.“ Academy of American Poets Poem-A-Day. 

“Illumination,” “Little Gospels,” “No Union,” “Blue,” and “Primer for Sainthood.” Puerto Del Sol. 

“At the Grave of Zora Neale Hurston” and “Epithalamium.” Nimrod. 

“Visiting Mount Calvary Cemetery” and “Aria.” Colombia: A Journal of Art and Literature. 

“Sleeping with Straight Boys,” “Song and Figure,” and “Dorian Corey.” Dreginald. 

“Byzantine Gold” and “Vespers.” Reprint in Between Midnight and Dawn: A Literary Guide to Prayer for Lent, Holy Week, and Eastertide. Editor Sarah Arthur. Paraclete Press. 


Taking My Father and Brother to The Frick.” Academy of American Poets Poem-A-Day. 

Fountain Statue.” SiDEKiCK LiT.  

“Self-Portrait as Saint Cecilia” and “Colonized.” Ruminate Magazine. (Issue 37) 

“Tidewater Psalm” and “Persian Blue.” Four Way Review. 

“Egyptian Honey.” Day One. 

“Men Call a Boy Like Me Sweet–” and “Days of 2014.” Cosmonauts Avenue. August 2015.

Ghost Slipper.” Callaloo. 

“Sans Souci,” “City of Rivers,” and “Heaven and Earth.” Connotations Press: An Online Artifact. .

Crown Glass.” Luna Luna Magazine. 

Sweet Boys.” The Paris-American. 


The Bait.” Cobalt Review. 

“Vigil,” “After Fat Tuesday,” “Canaan,” and “Breakwater.” The Queer South: Essays and Poems. Sibling Rivalry Press. 

Effigy Without a Body“ and ”Cathedral.” Memorious. 

“Vespers,” “Jonah,” “We’re Standing on the Sun,” and “Antaeus.” OCHO. 

“Bow Down” and “Cedars of Lebanon.” Burrow Press Review.

Byzantine Gold.” Image: A Journal of Arts and Religion. 

Okaloosa“ New England Review. 


The Opening of the Fifth Seal” Nomos Journal. 

The Folly of Solomon“ Mead. 

“Pass-A-Grille,” “Catacombs of San Callisto,” “Chansons d’Amour,” “The Last Castrato,” “Self-Portrait as Greta Garbo in Queen Christina,” “Radiance,” “Jezebel,” “Gold Nimbus,” “Arrival at Key West,” “Don’t Feed the Wolf,” and “Ode on a Cowboy’s Ass.” Assaracus. 

St. Sebastian’s Executioner.” Kin Poetry Journal. 

Devotions” (Reprint). Jdbrecords Blog. 

Syrinx“ Tampa Review Online. 

“Blaxploitation” and “Anchorage.” Unsplendid. 


“Lineage.” Knockout. Third Place, International Reginald Shepherd Memorial Poetry Prize. 

Sleeping Alone” and “Dominion.” Kin Poetry Journal. 

Summertime” Waccamaw. 

Having a Rum and Coke with You,” “Vermeer’s Woman Holding a Balance,” and “Elegy in Florida.” Vinyl. 

Androgyne.” The Nervous Breakdown. 


Cruising,” “Recovered Body,” and “Wishbone.” Lambda Literary. 

Apology.” Muzzle. 

Devotions” and “St. Mathew’s Pentecostal Church.” Tidal Basin Review. Editorial Prize Contest Winner.

What the Living Say about the Dead.” Crab Orchard Review. 

Assay” a poetry film with Cody Waters and Alysia Sawchyn. 


“Sleeping Under an Oak.” Glass Mountain. Finalist, Robinson Prize.

Where Ocean Meets Sky.” storySouth. 

It’s Too Late,” “Bread and Fishhooks,” and “Monsoon Season.” Ganymede Unfinished. 

After the Storm Passes,” “Our Lady of the Sea,” and “Resurrection Fern.” Poets for Living Waters. 

Southern Comfort.” The Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle. 

“The First Night,” “Eve’s Death,” “French Lesson,” “Imagine Flesh Before Knowledge,” and “Christ and the Three Fig Trees” (Editor’s Choice for Poetry). Relief: A Journal of Christian Expression.

“Bread and Fishhooks.” Nexus: Boldface Chapbook. Finalist, Robinson Prize (poetry).

“Where Ocean Meets Sky.” Knockout. Honorable Mention, International Reginald Shepherd Memorial Poetry Prize. 

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